7 Reasons you should be using Facebook Ads for your business

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There was a time not long ago when you could buy advertising on TV, radio, or print and could expect a decent return on investment. Can you do that today? I would say no, although there are those in the media that would argue otherwise.

All you have to do is take a stroll at a mall, walk on a busy street, or visit a subway platform during rush hour and you can see where the attention of so many Americans have gone; to the screen in their hands.

There’s a marketing catch phrase that is clever advice to marketers wanting to create success. “Follow the eyeballs.” The eyeballs are on the screen in their hands and there’s an APP that’s running in the background of most of those mobile devices: FACEBOOK.

It would stand to reason that you advertise on Facebook, but not just because that’s where the eyeballs are, but because of the targeting that’s unique to Facebook. No other advertising medium in the history of advertising has been able to do what Facebook does.

7 Reasons you should be using Facebook Ads

1. Facebook Use: Your friends and family are on Facebook. Your present customers are on Facebook. Most importantly the customers that you want to buy from you are on Facebook.

2. Precise Targeting: Imagine staring into a crowd of thousands of people. You have a device that identifies people who have expressed interest in your industry, service, or product. The device allows you to communicate with these people. That’s the power of Facebook’s targeting.

3. Advertising Tracking: You launched an advertising campaign 48 hours ago. There weren’t too many takers to your offer. The great news is you know it didn’t work and now you can change it.

4. Retargeting: You launched a campaign and had quite a few people click on your offer but they didn’t order because they weren’t ready to buy. Great, a tracking code has identified those visitors and now you can target just them with a different offer.

5. Get Creative: Although there are rules to follow when using Facebook Ads, if you avoid the things that will get your ad disapproved, you can do a lot with images, video, and animated GIFs.

6. Inexpensive Advertising: Facebook Ads are far cheaper than running advertising on Radio, TV, and print.

7. Big Return on Investment: Every dollar spent is either getting you sales, or teaching on how to improve your target. It’s a win-win situation every time.

It’s Your Turn to Use Facebook Ads

Have we said enough to convince you that Facebook ads does what no other advertising medium can do? No? Try this, open Facebook on your smartphone or desktop and scroll through your timeline. Go ahead, we’ll wait for you.. How many advertisers did you see competing with your business? Chances are there are NONE! Now think about this.. There are literally thousands of eyeballs that would see your ad and no competition.

Do you need help with your Facebook ads?

Facebook gives everyone the ability to advertise. As with most things, mastery comes with a price tag, mainly in the form of time and energy invested in learning Facebook’s Ads system. Add to that, the learning curve of their ever changing platform

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