Latino Digital Marketing Agency Boston – Buzz Advertising

Social Media Advertising:
Our knowledge and experience in running ads on Facebook and Instagram is extensive. Staying on top of the constant changes each platform is making and leveraging the best of each platform is what we do best. It also helps to know the tricks to get the most from paid ads.

Google Ads:
Google is still the number one in driving traffic to businesses. However not knowing how to run those ads can prove to be unproductive and/or costly.

YouTube Advertising:
Often overlooked, Youtube is the second largest searched website. Knowing how to use this source of customer lead traffic is crucial.

Search Engine Optimization:
How often are you using Google or other search engine to learn about a product or service? Well, your potential costumers are doing the same. Wouldn’t it make sense to show up on the first page of Google when they’re searching? Hint, the answer is yes. We can help to make that happen.