Social Media Marketing


We might be stating the obvious, but Social Media is no longer just for connecting with long lost friends. It's quickly become the way to market a product or service.

There was a time when all we needed to do was build a product, get shelf space in a store, and buy enough, radio, television, and newspaper advertising and we got success. Those days are long gone. Newspaper as a way to deliver content is all but gone. Radio is going to the iPods and Pandoras of the world. And television is now being watched on our time. Netflix, TiVo, and On demand allows us to watch what we want, when we want, and fast forward through the commercials. Face it, things have changed.

So we can balk at the way things are or we can embrace them for how they might benefit us. Done the right way, we can connect with the right people far easier than ever before and for far less. The optimal phrase being "done the right way."

Listen, we at Buzz can't help everyone. If you don't have a sellable, scalable product or service, most likely we won't be able to help. That being said, you might have the next best thing, and the only thing that's lacking is the right marketing. Contact us, let's talk about how Buzz might help you reach your marketing goals.