Think of any successful product or service; what do they all have in common? Branding..

McDonald’s with it’s golden arches, Google’s multicolored lettering, and Nike’s Swoosh; all recognizable logos and slogans. And there’s a culture that goes along with those names and logos; one that sits in the minds of people, even if it’s unspoken.

If you don’t already have one, you should have a brand statement that identifies your company, produce, or service. It should be a concise version of your mission or vision in the market place. It also serves as a reminder to your employees, suppliers, vendors, and yourself, this is what we do and this what we’re passionate about.


So what is your product or service known for and is it being represented in every advertisement, communication, and social media posting? You certainly can market something without branding it, but you’re not likely to get the bang for your money. 

At Buzz we will work with you to create an identity; We’ll help to improve what you have or to create a new one. It’s up to you. Communicate with a Buzz professional today. We’ll work with you to tell the best story and the paint greatest picture of your company, product, or service.