Why is branding so important? it’s what is remembered, whether we’re conscious of it or not.
Take McDonalds, they introduce a new product every few months, as do the other fast food chains. You may or may not remember the new product, but you definitely remember the chain, their logo and maybe even their jingle.

Never has it been so easy to build a brand, or more important. With the web and social media becoming the primary way people and companies connect, what is your brand saying about you? Positioned and harnessed the right way, online tools of today can sky rocket your brand globally very quickly.


Branding Starts Early:

In 2010, the University of Michigan conducted a study with preschoolers on brand preference. The study, which involved 38 preschool children ages 3 to nearly 5 years old, found that while the children were not yet able to read, they often knew exactly which logo corresponded with which brand. Especially surprising was that the children could identify brands that were not specifically targeted to them, including Toyota and Shell, which were recognized by nearly 53 percent.

Every Business Has A Brand:
Every business has a brand, whether they realize it or not. Your business brand speaks to the sum of everything your organization is, says, and does. A lot of businesses miss on leveraging their brand to the world and even more importantly, to their employees. A brand represents the culture of an organization and can even inspire those that are employed by the branded company.

Having A Competitive Edge:
As the world faces economic challenges, it’s worth mentioning that marketed brands do better in tough times than those products and services that have no recognized brand. A great example, but no longer a viable medium, were the old yellow pages. When you searched through the pages of the phonebook, the companies that stood out were the ones that were advertised. Presented with an image and what the company represented, you could make an informed decision and we’re more than likely to buy from an organization that took the time to brand its product or service.

Your Branding:
No branding, no difference between you and the other company; unless the company has branded their product or service. You don’t need to change the world with your brand, but your brand can make a world of change for you, your employees, and most that would think to buy from you.